Hello and welcome to our monthly newsletter! 

In the coming months we hope to share more valuable information to you and other homeowners along with showcasing our recently finished projects. For the purpose of the newsletter this month, we wanted to take a moment to say ‘THANK YOU!’ And while it may sound cliché as Thanksgiving is near, we really do mean it. From our customers to our vendors and suppliers, you are what makes it all possible. And we wouldn’t be here without you! We’ve been posting more things that we’re thankful for on our Facebook Page, if you wanted to take a look. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tim M. | President/CEO

P.S. If you or someone you know is considering an upcoming remodeling project, we’d be happy to help! Just let us know! Currently we are scheduling projects out to Summer of 2022, so don’t delay!

New Kitchen Alert! 

See more photos from this kitchen remodel!

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