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Simply follow these 3 steps:

1) Schedule Your Phone Consultation Below

Pick a time on our booking calendar that works best for you, fill out your project details and confirm your appointment. If the phone consultation goes well, our estimators will schedule an in-home design estimate.

2) Send Over Initial Pictures

Before the phone consultation we ask that you provide photos of the area you wish to remodel. Every home is unique and has its own style, so having those photos helps us understand and envision the space before stepping foot inside the home. If you need help sending photos over, please reach out to us at (414) 973-9177.

3) During Your Appointment

We will call and go over the important details of your remodel project such as:

  • Photos provided 
  • Vision for the space
  • Budget and products
  • Timeframe of the project
  • Other expectations/questions

Please note: 24 hours before the consultation we will send you a reminder email to confirm. If you need to reschedule please call us at (414) 973-9177 or follow the link provided. 

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