We Are Your Local Attic Remodeling Specialists

We can turn your attic into the office space or extra bedroom you always wanted. Let us get your ideas onto paper and then show you a finished 3D view by one of our estimators before we get started so you know what to expect. All of our remodels are to code, inspected and permitted in accordance with your local building inspectors. Don’t wait, start today!

For attic remodeling in the Greater Milwaukee Area, 2nd Life Home Repair & Remodeling Services, LLC is your first choice.

  • We are licensed and insured with the State of Wisconsin.
  • We will take care of everything for you from start to finish. From the planning stage to the actual remodeling and cleanup, we will be there working for you. You will get true experts who will keep you in the loop from beginning to end.
  • We are committed to bringing your dream attic to life. With our team of professionals and our commitment to help you, you will get the best value for your money. We will do our very best for you guaranteed and warrantied!

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Who Are We?

2nd Life Home Repair & Remodeling Services, LLC is one of the leading remodeling companies in Milwaukee. Founded in 2003, we serve the Greater Milwaukee area including Racine, Waukesha and Kenosha counties.


Our Office Staff & Work Crew

The photo above is of our office staff and who you will be in touch with the most regarding your project status. Our work crew, on the right, is who you will see the most at your home, doing everything that needs to be done to make your dream space a reality!

(If you notice, one of our team members is in both photos. That’s because he spends his time between the worksite and the office!)


Tips To Consider:

  • Before your kitchen remodeling project starts, look for a place that you can set up a work station during the time of the remodel.  This may include a folding table and a few boxes for your most needed cooking pans and utensils.   A crock pot can be a life saver during a remodel.
  • The day before our team members arrive to start the demo be sure to empty everything out of the kitchen and place it in the designated spot.  Some things will need to be used so they will go near your workstation.  Most other things can be stored away in a basement until the project is complete.
  • During the remodel there may be days when you can’t enter the kitchen area during the evening. We will let you know on those days. It may be that the tile or grout needs to dry.  Be sure to have all of the things you need at your workstation so you won’t disturb the floor, or maybe it will be a great time to go out to dinner.  Everyone enjoys going out to eat so save up your “eating out” budget for remodel time.
  • While the remodel is going on you will be able to see the cabinets going in and get a good idea of how much you can put back into your kitchen once the remodel is complete.  Make a plan now.  Create a drawing or list of what should go in each cabinet.  For example, you might want to put your silverware drawer closest to the table for ease of setting out dinner each night, or maybe you will like it best by the dishwasher for easy unloading. This is the time to figure out where you want everything, and why.

2nd Life Home Repair & Remodeling Services, LLC

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