As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s time to start thinking about how you can prepare your home for Spring.

While many people think about cleaning and decluttering their space, there are also some important storage needs that should be taken into consideration.

Better Homes & Gardens wrote about some storage trends coming into popularity in 2022 that might be helpful to check out. In particular we really like the Easy-Access Storage trend they discussed.

It’s true that with our fast-paced schedule we don’t always have the time to organize and store things how we’d like, which is why it’s helpful to build those options into your kitchen.

Homeowners are often adding stackable rack organizers for spices in the pantry or racks for pots and pans but did you know that sometimes you can replace an under-utilized cabinet with one that hides your mixing appliances or one to store your cutting boards away from public view?

That begs the question, how much space are you currently utilizing in your kitchen and what options might there be to increase storage and better utilize your space? Does it need a complete update or a couple things added here and there?

We’d love to talk further about this with you directly, even if you just have questions and are curious. How can we best help you use the space you live in?

Have a great Spring and Easter season!


Taylor M. | Marketing Dept.


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